What do the Ratings Mean?

Here’s an example of one of the strongest ratings and what it means:


TR — torch resistant

TL — tool resistant

30 — the number of minutes the front door only can resist tool and/or torch break-ins

x6 — 6 sided safe, tool and/or torch resistant on all six sides for 30 minutes

These safes are most popular and necessary for Jewelry Stores. Call your insurance company for your exact coverage for a particular rating based on your store location, alarm system, and jewelry’s wholesale replaceable value.

Here’s an example of what your store may need:

  • Safe
  • Rating
  • Explanation Maximum jewelry replacement value
  • TL-15 Tool resistant 15 Min, front door only – $135,000
  • TL-30 Tool resistant 30 Min, front side only – $350,000
  • TL-15×6 Tool resistant 15 Min, all sides – $350,000
  • TL-30×6 Tool resistant 30 Min, all sides – $500,000
  • TRTL – 30×6 Tool and torch resistant 30 Min, all sides – $1 million plus

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